Pat Lynch – Luthier

Hand crafting Irish Bouzoukis, Mandolins and Guitars

About me

Ever since my schooldays in Woodwork class, I have been drawn to the idea of hand building instruments.

I have been playing instruments for over 35 years, and really enjoy being able to share my passion for music by making the highest quality instruments possible from the best materials.

Each unique custom instrument takes hundreds of hours of work to attain the perfect sound and finish that I am proud to call my own.

About TFD

Tfd Instruments is named after my three boys, Tadhg (11), Fionn (9) and Darcy (7). They often wander in to the workshop, and I let them do some sanding or wood carving of their own. It’s a wonderful skill to be able to hand down.

I am fortunate enough to have my workshop situated in my back garden, which is a luxury in itself.

This allows me to have long focused periods of work on each instrument, and also the freedom to pop down at any hour of the day or night.